The HAMI Family, This is our Story!

by HAMIGLOBE Editor on November 18, 2021

When you’re from the generation that came before the internet existed, you know what it’s like to enjoy blissful time outdoors, undisturbed by life’s modern vices. You know what it’s like to feel satiated by a day spent swimming under the sun, to feel your body warm up on a hot rock, to watch your goosebumps come and go as a breeze cools you down.


For most people, this way of life has been replaced with digital distractions. We’ve got phones, tablets, work, chat, email, TikTok, SnapChat, Whatsapp, and we spend hours tending to them, unknowingly losing time we’ll never get back. For Idan and Gen, these were the exact things they wanted their kids to stay away from, working tirelessly to direct them towards a more holistic upbringing, and one that nurtured their connection to nature.


The family introduced two things to their daily life: The mantra “A ball isn’t square” and HAMI, everyone’s new best friend. The mantra keeps everyone in check when it comes to their digital intake, the HAMI gets everyone out of the house.Our vision is to inspire more people to live in the present and preserve the future for generations to come.